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  • Industry News

    Industry News

    The introduction of gravure printing

    Gravure printing plate is the main characteristic on the graphic part of the concave, the blank part of the bulge, and letterpress printing machine layout structure, to the contrary. When printing monochrome machines, first dip plate rolling in the ink tank, the entire plate surface painted ink layer. Then, will belong to the blank part of the plate surface scrape ink layer, raised portion formed blank, the concave part is filled with ink, dented the deep ink layer is the thick. Machine through the pressure on the concave part of the ink to print, print is achieved. When printing multicolor overprint method or indirect local besmear promising.it, make all sorts of color ink, according to need of distribution in the about section of the plate surface, multicolor printing, the basic principle is the same as printing monochrome printing. Used in gravure printing plate there are two main types, one is the gravure, namely YingXie version; Another kind is cut. Cut the carved with manual sculpture, such as mechanical and electronic engraving method.
    Gravure printing ink layer thick, rich layers, stereo sense is strong, and the advantages of good printing quality, it is mainly used for printing delicate color images, trademarks, packaging products, such as securities and color paper.