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    Industry News

    Use some of the problems and deal with the gravure printing

    Gravure printing defects in use can appear overprint error, the phenomenon is that, in the process of multi-color overprint, each color can't completely overlap, has the certain error. About this problem in general is due to the following two factors: the first is the equipment factors
    Precision and performance of the whole equipment, overprint of tension control, heating supply system, embossing roller, rubber roller, editions of shaft, with the guide roller and so on system, it determines the overprint of temperature, pressure, parallelism, elongation, coiling, etc., and tinted system itself but also for its precision. Increasing version of roller is not appropriate, easy to produce longitudinal badly aligned, embossing roller rubber deformation, lack of elasticity. To keep the roller is in good condition. The second is that the operating process
    Tension setting is unreasonable, tension is too small, base material is flabby, lateral tinted are inaccurate; Tension is too large, the base transverse shrinkage and longitudinal matching color is not stable, accordingly to adjust tension. Temperature is not appropriate, especially the oven temperature is too high, the cooling roller deformation, the temperature is too high to make film for less flat membrane should be properly increasing preheating temperature. Into the exhaust air imbalance in oven, causing membrane jitter in the oven, anemometer measurement into the exhaust air, controlled. Version roller installation is not appropriate, eccentric, if any, in the version of the roll before installation must clean the ink on the plug. Countermeasures mainly about such a problem with the knife must level off, careful, knife installed before to check whether there is film scraper gap must be carefully after install knife grinding, if there is a knife in the process of printing silk, must stop grinding again carefully, it is forbidden to sharpen oil mixed with ink. Must be governance environment, reduce dust to troubleshoot. Should be kept closed color printing environment, can be installed air filter and dust content verification, otherwise, it is difficult to produce high quality products. Caused by the version of roller knife silk generally occur in shallow network part, such as rough, uneven gradients, excessive, network deep inappropriate, etc. Generally should be dealt with by using metallographic sandpaper grind version, pay attention to when the plate grinding the strength should be uniform, particularly serious back plate making factory processing. To reduce ink viscosity, such as the viscosity is too big, screen printing ink drying too fast, relatively increased the version of the friction between the roller and the blade, make ink scraper scrape down hard layout form of knife. Silk printing ink, if the knife is generally due to the waste ink or ink dissolved uneven, should be taken to filter ink or chose to dissolve strong solvents or in ink.